YSRCP Schemes- Ministers Failing To Support Jagan
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AP CM Jagan's YSRCP government has scrapped off almost all the welfare schemes of previous TDP government and trying to induce their own schemes. 'Jagananna Vidya Deevena' is one such scheme that needs attention here. Under this scheme, intermediate students will get Rs 20,000 as stipend annually. This has nothing to do with the regular scholarship which means this Rs 20,000 is a bonus.

On the contrary, the YSRCP government has put breaks to the mid-day meals scheme to inter students and with no other options that students have reached roads and started protesting.

The oppositions which are waiting for an opportunity caught hold of the intermediate student's issue and are said to be discussing with student unions and are likely to hold large scale protest all over the state.  

The other welfare scheme that drew everyone's attention is 'Amma Vodi.' In the first budget, the government clarified that it is only for mothers with WHITE RATION CARD. But there is no clarity on the second child. There are also demands that this scheme should be confined to government schools and college if not private schools will take advantage of it and the scheme goes haywire. There are other burning issues too like the new sand policy and employment of ration dealers which also needs clarity.

This is where YSRCP ministers need to step in. Surprisingly none of them are countering the oppositions claims except for YS Vijaya Sai Reddy. He is hitting back at the criticism from TDP and BJP. But Vijaya Sai Reddy is just confining himself to Twitter rather than calling on the media and explaining the details of schemes and replying to oppositions.

The scenario is different in the Assembly. Ministers are taking on TDP leaders but outside they are not opening their mouth. Jagan being the CM, need not come always for the rescue. Instead, the ministers should take the responsibility and support the CM, also the schemes.



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