YSRCP Leader Amanchi Is Caught Red-Handedly Abusing The Cops
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Chirala YSR Congress party MLA candidate Amanchi Krishna Mohan is caught red-handedly abusing the police who are doing their jobs. Going in details, the police have detained when Amanchi was campaigning. As the police could not list out details of Amanchi arrest, the YSRCP leader lost his cool. This video of Amanchi using filthy language against cops is going viral.
"Mee K***a Policulu," said Amanchi which means you cops are eunuchs and even went on to abuse the concerned Superintend of Police. Having heard this, one of the cops warned Amanchi not to speak further, if not the consequences would be severe. Though Amanchi wanted to make another comment, he restrained looking at the number of cops surrounding him.
This is a clear cut violation of election code by Amanchi as the language he used against a government official is quite offensive. Meanwhile, the YSRCP is blaming the police for provoking Amanchi and YSRCP cadre.
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