YSRCP Govt., To Start 'Jagananna Thodu' To Provide Financial Assistance To Small-scale Street Vendors, Deets Inside
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The government of CM YS Jagan, which has been introducing welfare schemes since coming to power, is all set to launch another new scheme to provide small-scale street vendors across the state with financial assistance, especially those engaged in traditional occupations. The 'Jagananna Thodu' project will be launched by AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy on the 6th of this month as part of this.

The scheme would include Rs 10,000 in loans to small merchants selling on footpaths, street goods and groceries. A statement to that effect was released by the Office of the Commissioner, Village and Ward Secretariat on Monday. Under this system, small traders are issued with loans from banks and the government pays the interest on the loans. It is necessary to repay the loan in instalments to the beneficiaries.Those who sell food on footpaths, carts on the streets, various items on bicycles, vegetables, fruits, those who make a living by selling, those who run tiffin centres along the lane, and those who sell various items on stalls or baskets will profit from the scheme. The project would cost Rs. 474 crores, while the authorities have so far defined 9,08 lakh recipients under the scheme. Those who did not apply, however, were able to apply to the appropriate village and ward secretariats.

Here are the eligibility requirements for the scheme are those who have permanent or temporary shops in villages or towns in a space of 5 feet long, 5 feet wide, or less. They are also entitled to do business on roadside carts, sidewalks, public and private areas, and others who bring and sell goods on the streets. The small trader should have an age of 18 years and a family income of Rs . 10,000 in villages and Rs. 12,000 in cities. You must have an Aadhaar, Voter Card or other identification card provided by the government. Eligible lists will be placed on the village and ward secretariats' notice boards, and a social audit will be undertaken. Volunteers can enable those without a bank account to open a new savings account.

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