YSRCP Flags At Modi Kurnool Meeting
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned in Kurnool on Friday and at this very meeting, YSR Congress supporters and workers were spotted in good number. Being the Prime Minister's show, the police have made arrangements on large scale. They checked each and everyone who entered the arena.

In checking, the police have caught YSRCP flags and scarfs from pockets of few people. They were asked to leave them aside and allowed inside the arena. Then there were YSRCP flags at few barricades. Surprisingly the BJP workers or leaders did not object even after noticing YSRCP flags.

At a time when the ruling TDP is alleging about a nexus between BJP and YSRCP, this gives speculations that there is something brewing between the two parties. YSRCP is completely silent on BJP and not even once Jagan raised the topic of Modi for denying 'Special Status.'



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