YSRCP Big Blunder With Government Schools
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The first cabinet meet of newly formed Ysrcp government was held on Monday. The AP cabinet took resolutions on the implementation of many welfare schemes to all sections of people. 

The cabinet took decisions on corruption free governance, Raithu Bharosa, village volunteer system, formation of AP farmers' commission, YSR interest free loans, input subsidy, free borewells, farmers' insurance, employees IR hike to 27%, a committee for abolition of CPS, regularisation of contract labours, Rs.18000 salary to sanitary workers, centralised kitchen for midday scheme, educational reforms committee, pay hike to Asha workers, RTC's merger into government and a few more decisions. 

However, the government's prestigious 'Amma Vodi' scheme turned controversial and all teacher unions are getting ready to agitate against the scheme. 

Amma Vodi programme will formally be launched on January 26, 2020. According to this scheme, the government will pay Rs.15000 to every mother immediately after she gets her child joined in either a government or a private school. 

Hitherto, the teacher unions envisaged that scheme would be applicable to those mothers who send their kids to only government schools. But then, the latest decision of the government is intended to strengthen private schools and  to weaken government schools. Nowadays, parents are showing interest to join their children in private schools rather government schools. What if the government offers financial help to the parents for sending their kids to schools? Obviously, every mom wishes to admit her child in private schools only. This may lead to permanent closure of many government schools due to lack of sufficient number of children which further leads to make government teachers go jobless. 

Sensing the threat, the government teachers are all set to protest to get 'Amma Vodi' scheme is applied to only government schools.



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