YS Viveka Was Brutally Tortured Before Killing-Remand Report
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The misleading initial reports about YS Viveka's death were nowhere close to reality after the pictures of his dead body came out. It is clearly evident that the death was not by the heart attack, but a gruesome murder. The latest remand report from police reveals more shocking details about the same.

There were seven sharp and deep cuts on his dead body and his head were covered with a bandage to hide these injuries. After analyzing into more minute details, police confirmed that Viveka was tortured severely with a sharp weapon in his head and was later killed. 

Police also believe that the arrested Tummalapalli Gangireddy alias Yerra Gangi Reddy, Muli Venkata Krishna Reddy, Yeddula Prakash knew who the murderer is. These three were intentionally involved in hiding the crucial clues and other proofs from the crime scene only to help the murderer escape. 

Details of Remand report

According to remand report, on the day Viveka was murdered, his personal assistant Muli Venkata Krishna Reddy went to Viveka's house at 5:30 in the morning. He spent some 30 minutes reading newspapers as Viveka and called Viveka's wife Soubhagyamma on phone to ask her to wake Viveka from sleep with a phone call. Viveka's wife asked him not to wake Viveka up yet. 

In another half an hour, the cook Lakshmi and her son Prakash arrived at Viveka's house. On Krishna Reddy's word, they both tried to wake Viveka from outside and could not get any response. Meanwhile, Watchman Ranganna observed the side door for the same room opened, Venkata Krishna Reddy and Prakash entered the room, only to find blood in the bedroom and Viveka in a pool of blood in the bathroom. Viveka was dead by then and they both came out calling Viveka's son in law Rajasekhar Reddy and wife Sowbhagyamma to inform the news. 

Police gathered evidence like plastic bucket used to wipe out blood in bedroom and bathroom, a cloth, hair, stickers and two cell phones belonging to Viveka, and a letter. 

The investigation team in their remand report asked for 15 days police custody for these three arrested as they may tamper the crucial evidence and proofs to help the prime suspect escape, if given bail. 



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