YS Viveka Murder-SIT Finds Culprits
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The brutal murder of Kadapa ex MP and YSR's brother YS Vivekananda Reddy just right before 2019 general elections has become sensational and courted major controversy politically with both TDP and YCP blaming each other for Viveka's murder.

Looks like, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) seems to have got a major breakthrough in the high-profile political murder.

After a thorough probe, the SIT officials have arrived to a conclusion that it is the act of contract killers. The SIT team said to have interrogated about 800 people related to the case and finally came to conclusion that Sunil Gang - contract killing gang - is behind the brutal murder of YS Viveka.

The SIT team said to have procured evidence based on the bike used by the culprits. As per reports, one Srinivasa Reddy is behind fixing the deal with Sunil Gang. However, who is behind Srinivas Reddy is not yet known.

Srinivas Reddy's suspicious death has caused so many doubts over his alleged role. The SIT is now trying to ascertain who has given Supari to Srinivas Reddy and made him fix deal with Sunil Gang to murder YS Viveka.

The SIT probe is still undergoing. More details are awaited. Looks like, the SIT is closer towards nabbing the final criminals behind the murder conspiracy of YS Viveka.



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