YS Jagan Needs To Recheck These Two Promises
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AP's new CM YS Jagan Mohan lReddy is winning the hearts of all sections of people with the implementation of some of his election promises. However, two of his election promises must be rechecked and made them sacked by him for a better governance. 

It is a known news that YS Jagan assured that he would let around 4 lakh village volunteers would be appointed by October 2 with a monthly salary of Rs.5000 per every volunteer. However, this idea invited huge criticism and negative response among the village people. 

According to Jagan, one youth will be selected out of 50 families. In such case, the youths of all other families would be disappointed. Also, many people are worrying if these youths emerge as an alternative force to the existing system of local bodies. Obviously, 'Village Volunteer' system goes against constitution. 

Secondly, YS Jagan is adamant in ban on liquor. It really sounds good and becomes the morale booster. But then, liquor ban will lead to preparation of adulterated cheap quality liquor which might end the lives of people. Moreover, there will be no sufficient income from excise department to the government. The government will lack funds to implement welfare schemes extensively to the people. Instead of banning liquor completely, the government should lift belt shops and should create awareness among people on the adverse effects of consuming alcohol.



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