Youngster From Ramagundam Successfully Builds A Power Paraglider
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Peddapalli: A deep desire to do something has convinced a young person to make a power paraglider. To the great surprise of his friends and relatives recently, the youth made a successful solo fly that lasted for 20 minutes. Adepu Arjun, about 30 years of age, manufactured the paraglider by fighting for three years on his own. A B.Com graduate, Arjun got a railway job in 2013 and worked as a mechanic in the Ramagundam department of C&W. He lives in the Railway Quarters of Ramagundam.

Arjun started to think about inventions without being content with the work. Arjun was enthusiastic about adventure sports, in particular flying, and visited Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, Tripura and Meghalaya regularly to take part in mountaineering and paragliding. He got an idea about paragliding in regular areas for a period of time. He had begun efforts to produce a paraglider without wasting time. He joined the WhatsApp group of former Army officers, pilots, paragliders and national athletes to acquire more awareness of paragliding and other adventure activities. He read voraciously about the making of paragliders and later, by investing Rs 15 lakh, he purchased tools from America and Italy.

He made a paraglider that can fly for about two hours using a Simonini Mini-3 Engine, Galaxy Wing, and a propeller. It could hold around 150 to 270 kg in a quintal. Therefore, two people could comfortably fly to a height of 100 feet. Today, Arjun said that he visits Himachal Pradesh twice a year to engage in paragliding. He brought the power paraglider here and flew to introduce flying adventure in the state. There were no other adventure sports in Telangana, except water boating. If flying activities were held throughout the state, local young people would learn about paragliding. In addition, tourism in the state will also be grown.

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