Yamadharmaraju On Bengaluru Roads
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Motorists had a unique experience when they roamed in Bengaluru. People found Yamaraja, God of Death, wielding his mace on the roads.

Halasuru Gate Traffic Police hired Theater Artiste Veeresh and made him transform into Yamaraja so as to create awareness about the consequences of violating traffic norms. Yamaraja stopped Motorists who didn't wear helmets and threatened them that he would come to their homes if they don't take safety measures. The Artiste also waved the mace whenever rash drivers were noticed by him.

This new initiative caught the attention of people across the nation. Measures like these would create awareness about the traffic safety rules. 

Bengaluru Police inform awareness programmes planned by them had minimized the accidents. 7,506 accident took place in 2016 and 754 out of them were fatal. While 5,064 accidents happened in 2017, 2,336 accidents were reported by June-end this year



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