With Lok Sabha Polling Completed,NaMo TV Goes Off Air
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Na Mo TV has disappeared from all broadcast platforms like Tata Sky, Videocon and Dish TV suddenly. The channel has gone as suddenly as it came. The channel suddenly appered on the service providers platforms as  free-to-air channel just before the start of the 2019 elections. Its sudden appearance created quite a furore as allegations abounded that it was funded by the ruling BJP. The channel was seen as a move by the BJP to conduct publicity for the party during the whole election period. Interestingly, the NaMo TV was not registered but had aired the contest uninterruptedly. It publicised the party programmes, party's ideology and policies. The NaMo TV garnered views  and to highlighted the working of the government. This could have helped the BJP get more votes.


The channel disappeared soon after the elections were over. Rivals always said that NaMo TV gave unfair advantage to the BJP. The IB Minister and the Election Commission could not control the TV due to the several loopholes in the system.



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