Will Modi Get Defeated By A Women
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Will Modi get defeated by a woman? Does horoscope say that he is most likely to lose only in the hands of a woman? Is a woman the nemesis of this married 'Brahmachari'? A section in the Congress believes that Modi would meet his waterloo only at the hands of a lady. Some Congress leaders. Who believe in astrology, say that Modi has Kalasarpa Yog, which means he would be defeated by a woman in anything he does. In fact, he would be defeated only by a woman.

It is because of this that the Congress is planning to get Priyanka Gandhi to contest against Modi in Varanasi.  This section of astrology loving Congress leadership is bringing pressure on her to pit herself against Modi. What more,they are believed to be performing special poojas, tantras and mantras to defeat Narendra Modi.  Interestingly, even the BJP unit of Uttarakhand has accused the Congress of performing tantra and mantra to defeat Narendra Modi.



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