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Remember how HD Kumaraswamy became the CM of Karnataka? He has got the least number of MLA seats. But, BJP was short of the magic number. Before it could get the required numbers, the Congress, which was way too behind in majority, decided to make Kumaraswamy the CM. So, despite being a small party with fewer MLAs, he could become the CM.


Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan was so very inspired by this development that he felt he too can become a CM if there is a hung assembly. It is this idea that propelled him into activity ahead of the 2019 assembly polls. He felt that in the event of the TDP not getting the required numbers, he could become its alliance partner and emerge as the Chief Minister. He had even formed a front with the Left Parties and the BSP.

But, it is now clear that the AP voters will give an unambiguous verdict and one party - the YSRCP - will get the required numbers  to form the government. If there is a clear verdict, then Pawan's Jana Sena will lose all its credibility and importance. It is now becoming increasingly clear that Pawan cannot do a Kumaraswamy in AP. It would either be the TDP or the YSRCP which will get a complete majority, say the surveys. So, what is Pawan's future now?



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