Why Renu Desai Came Out After 11 Years
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It's been nearly 7 years since Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan separated. Since then, their separation and the following divorce have been hot topics for the media and fans till date. While Pawan blissfully enjoyed his privacy and continue to be loved abundantly, Renu, on the other hand, was subjected to constant abuse and even death threats from several so-called Pawan fanatics.

All these years, Renu Desai kept quiet about her failed relationship with Pawan. But finally, she revealed several shocking facts about her divorce in a latest interview. Renu said that she is opening up after all these years, thanks to the support from her beau's family members who encouraged her to come clear about her past.

Pawan Asked For Divorce, I Resisted: Renu Desai

Renu Desai clarified that it was Pawan who wanted the divorce even though she resisted a lot. "I was very hurt and angry and didn't want to divorce him. But he insisted and I finally agreed for divorce," said Renu. She further said that she is finally coming to terms and that she has slowly started to forgive Pawan.

He's a good father, But No Time to Spend With His Children

Talking about Pawan as a father, Renu said, "no doubt that he's a good father. But how many days does he spends with his children? Hardly a couple of days twice a year. I want to tell all the women that an independent woman can surely raise her kids and live a complete life. Your life shouldn't end because of one man."

11 years after marriage, He secretly had a baby with another lady: Renu Desai

"During our divorce, I requested Kalyan garu to issue a public statement to clarify about it, but he didn't oblige my request. I get hate messages from many female fans of Pawan garu. I want to ask them only one question - How would you feel if Pawan was your husband and after 11 years of marriage, he becomes a father to another daughter without telling you?," Renu shot a direct question.

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