Why No Response From Mohan Babu And Comedians On Student Deaths
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Not a long time ago, Mohan Babu resorted to an agitation against AP's government for not paying medical reimbursement fees to his Sri Vidya Nikethan Institute's students. It was then thought that the veteran character artist had a great concern on students. 

Telangana Intermediate board's goof-up in results led to the deaths of 20 students and an injustice in marks allocation was done to thousands of students. Mohan Babu was expected to be the first person to react against on the episode. Sadly, he turned dumb on the episode. 

Not only Mohan Babu but also comedians batch such as Prithvi, Posani, Shivaji Raja, Jeevitha and Rajasekhar, maintained stoic silence on the issue. 

Since all the aforesaid batch belongs to YSRCP and YSRCP's head YS Jagan is quit loyal to Telangana CM KCR, the batch maintained silence so that not to make KCR angered on them.



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