Why Jagan Remained Silent On Babai Murder-Pawan Kalyan
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Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has analysed the reason behind many leaders who initially planned to join his party, later ended up in YSR Congress party. Pawan opined that most of them had assets in Hyderabad city and to avoid unwanted troubles in future, they joined Jagan's party but blackmailing politics is not at all good.

The Jana Sena chief also appealed to the people, to think before they vote. "People should consider certain factors. Under which government, there is lot of corruption and crime rate was high? Then they should take a call on voting," said Pawan. He added that when Jagan was attacked, he created a lot of hungama before the media but in his Babai Vivekananda's murder, he remained silent.

Pawan feared that what would be the fate of state, if parties that indulge in crime politics form the next government. 



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