Why Is Sam Supporting TDP MLA Anagani Satya Prasad
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Generally, film celebs who are running out of their time, or who are directly related to a politician, usually extend support to some political parties during election times. Like how the likes of Mahesh, Upasana and others extend their good wishes to a few politicians. But how come a starlet like Samantha has supported a Telugu Desam party candidate?

Apparently a video of Samantha where she is seen asking to vote for Repalle Telugudesam party MLA candidate Anagani Satya Prasad. She certified that he is a good man and development is possible only because of him. And that pushed netizens into wondering how come Samantha is supporting a TDP candidate quite directly. Fact is that her father-in-law has this close connection with YS Jagan, but how come Samantha into TDP? 

Reality is that actually, Satya Prasad is the brother of popular Hyderabad based doctor Manjula Anagani, who happens to have saved the life of Samantha when the actress fell ill during her entry days into Tollywood. Since then Samantha not only joined her Pratyusha Foundation but also became a close friend of Dr. Anagani. And now, she is just paying back this way. 



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