Why Chandrababu Is Exhausting Himself Without Any Reason-Shiva Sena
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TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has campaigned extensively against the BJP all over India. Even after the elections, he is meeting leaders of the opposition parties to make sure, BJP and Modi would not get a second term. But the Exit Polls have brought a disappointment to Chandrababu. Though he did not agree with the surveys, Chandrababu is hopeful that people have voted to those parties which have done all-round welfare in the last five years.

BJP's friend from Maharashtra, Shiva Sena has taken an indirect dig at Chandrababu as it assumed that all efforts by him went in vain. "Why Chandrababu Naidu is exhausting himself without any reason?" wrote in its mouthpiece Saamana's editorial. Adding it further said, Hope Chandrababu's current excitement last till May 23. We wish him luck for the same.

The editorial also took potshots at the oppositions and said they (oppositions) had four to five Prime Minister candidates. So the government would be hanging on the radar. But by the fifth phase of elections, things got clearer as BJP national president Amit Shah claimed that the party reached the figure of 300 seats which way above than the magic figure.

Shiva Sena is a bad-tempered partner of BJP but keeps sticking to the saffron party because of the ideology. And it's mouthpiece Saamana always makes it to headlines by writing boldly against opposition and on few occasions, it did not even spare Modi and BJP.

Irrespective of the Exit Poll surveys, we have to see what happens on May 23rd



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