What Have You Done To Advani-Chadrababu Asks Modi
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In a trenchant attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh, AP Chief Minister and TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu said Modi has not done anything for party veteran L.K Advani and has only disrespected him. "You have said that our (TDP's) actions will make NTR's soul repent. What have you done to Advani? Haven't you sidelined him and you didn't even bother to wish him at a meeting, being a PM," he said, making fun of our "Sunrise State."

Stating that Modi has made fun of the people of AP and the TDP current government TDP, he said that a PM stooping so low is a shame for the country. "I object to his comments. He made comments on Trinamool MLAs being in touch with him. He is a publicity PM. The moment someone exposes his government. He retorts by making a mockery of them, instead of giving evidences to his government's work. When there is no work done by him, what else can he do?," Chandrababu explained, adding that Modi's lies have been exposed. 

"Before he became the PM, he said, BJP will never have places for criminals like Jagan. YSRCP is a corrupt party full of criminals, he said. He said, if you want scheme Andhra, the leaders are right in front of you. By saying all these things, it is clear for the people, who changed their stand now," he said, accusing Narendra Modi of double-talk.  

"We have fought umpteen times and have been continuously demanding for our rightful share. BJP cannot escape from the promises made on the floor of the House to do justice to Andhra Pradesh. They all agreed to it. Now, what have you done, Mr. Modi? Aren't you responsible for relations between both Telugu states turning sour? Have you done anything to make us better or fulfil the promises made in the AP Reorganization Act, 2014. Have you helped us convene a meeting with Telangana or sorted out the issues, bothering both the states?. Everything is stuck in limbo," he added. 

Despite not making any efforts in resolving issues between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, it is blaming the people of AP in reverse. "Doesn't the PM have moral responsibility to fulfil our promises? Their responses to our demands are horrendous. They cannot behave in a vengeful way like this and insult us, every time we ask for our rightful share. They have tried everything on us - from I-T raids to not allowing investments into the state," he said, adding that the Centre has been creating hurdles for AP's growth.



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