Website Owner Spent Crores From His Pocket To Get YCP Ticket,But Failed
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Sometimes one will not understand why party bosses don't consider the hard work of a few people who aspire for an MLA ticket. That is the case of a leading Telugu website owner now, which is being discussed widely in film circles.

Actually, this particular person extended huge support to one of the leading parties of Andhra Pradesh and their website started promoting that party big time. Even when there are times where the political party made self-goals, this website wrote the positive version of those happenings. Apart from that, the website owner is said to have spent crores from his pocket for social service at the constituency he is expecting a ticket. 

Despite such hard work from him, the party's boss hasn't offered him a ticket for reasons unknown. Some say that the party wants more funds into the party-fund and hence declined a ticket. Others opined that changing political dynamic in the constituency wanted someone more tangible than this website owner. 

Well, after putting nearly a decade of efforts to woo a party and its boss for a ticket, one wonders what will this guy do now!



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