Walk In Wines In Hyderabad Coming Soon
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The Telangana government is going to come up with new liquor policy and it will be effective from November 1st. This new policy will introduce a new method called the 'Walk-in Wines.' This is just like how we go to supermarket and pick the stuff that we want. 'Walk-in Wines' too will have all the brands that a costumer needs and he may select of his choice.

The notification for the new liquor policy is released on Thursday and in it, it was cleared mentioned about the 'Walk-in Wines.' The government wants to introduce it in Hyderabad and Secunderabad first and later expand it to other regions of Telangana.

Currently 'Walk-in Wines' stores are only in fewer numbers in the twin cities and they are likely to go up post the new policy comes into operational. The government has decided to fee for these 'Walk-in Wines' at Rs 2.30 crore.

The new liquor policy also made it clear that the government is neither increasing nor decreasing the number of wine stores across the state keeping the number intact. From October 9th, the government will invite tenders for the new wines store and a non-refundable fee of Rs 2 Lakh is fixed to file tenders.

The liquor demand in Hyderabad is growing, accordingly the government has come up with 'Walk-in Wines.' Sounds exciting for the consumers but don't know what consequences it will have.



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