Voter Packages For Local Leaders Based On Influence
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With just three more days for the polls in Andhra Pradesh, political parties are trying to lure the voters with money and gifts which is the final strategy adopted to secure votes. The first phase of distribution of cash reportedly began in all the 13 districts of the state.

In the wake of the previous experience in 2014 elections, when the YSR Congress had lost due to a difference of 6 lakh votes, the political parties are considering every vote valuable. The parties are reportedly offering packages for 2-100 votes. It is learnt that leaders in villages, mandals and municipalities are offering at least Rs. 25,000 to families with 4-6 voters, and more, if the family is big.

In 2014, the Telugu Desam Party secured 102 seats and the BJP four, with the support of Jana Sena Party in 2014.  Together, the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance secured a total of 8 pc votes of which the TDP alone clinched 40 per cent. Now, the three parties are contesting the polls separately and there is every chance for the votes to get split, which can have impact on winning prospects of the TDP.

The TDP cadre is apprehensive that the traditional BC and Kapu votes might get split between their party and the JS. Similarly, the JS-BSP alliance is anticipated to eat into the Dalit and Christian vote bank of the YSRCP. Despite a thin margin of votes, the TDP and YSRCP witnessed a huge difference of seats in 2014 elections and so, both the political parties are extra cautious this time. The second-rung leaders had already begun distributing Rs. 3,000-Rs. 5,000 for every voter. 

The YSRC had lost 46 seats where the margin was between 3000-10,000 votes and it won 26 seats where the difference was 5-12 votes. The TDP won 14 MLA seats with a margin of 800-5,000 votes. In a bid to woo every voter, cash, gold, silver are being offered by the parties.

According to sources, leaders who can influence at least 50 voters are being given Rs. 3 lakh and those who can have impact on the voting pattern of 100 people, Rs. 5 lakh. Mandal-level leaders who can influence voters in various villages in their purview are offered Rs 10 lakh. Leaders of various castes are offered anything between Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore, hoping they would be able to change the fate of the candidates.



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