Viral Video: Dairy Farm Owner Adulteration Of Milk, Raising Eyebrows
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A police case has been filed against a owner of a dairy farm  on charge of adulteration of milk and cheating the public in Dabeerpura on the outskirts of Hyderabad city.

According to police, Mohammad Sohail from Dabeerpura owns a Jahangeer Dairy Farm at Golkhabar. Recently, a man living in a house next to the dairy farm of Sohail was shocked to see that he was adulterating milk by mixing some dirty water and cheating the public. The neighbour shot a video, in which it was clearly seen that Sohail is drinking milk from a bucket and later poured the leftover milk back into the bucket.

Sohail had also seen taking dirty water from a water tank in the farm and mixing it into the milk bucket. Man who shot the video posted it on social media which went viral.Locals who had watched the video, some locals complained to the police against Sohail, and demanded to arrest him for cheating the public and risking their lives.

Following which, the Dabeerpura police have registered a case against the owner of a dairy farm, under 269, 272 and 273 sections of  the Indian Penal Code and started an inquiry.

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