Viral-Drunken YSRCP Leader Speech In A Meeting
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Looks like the election season is causing a lot of stress to YSR Congress leaders who are in "high spirits" nowadays. Surprisingly, two shocking videos are going viral on social media where both leaders and functionaries of the YSRCP are found in an inebriated condition during the poll campaigning. With the polling day approaching fast, the candidates and their followers are working overtime to woo the voters.

YSR Congress party candidate for Narsapuram Lok Sabha constituency, Raghurama  Krishnamraju, a businessman who took plunge into politics by joining the Telugu Desam Party and later, switched sides to the YSRCP just before the polls, was found swaying while delivering speech at a poll meeting. Not leaving the chance, the public who attended the meet recorded the video and posted it on social media which went viral within a few hours. In the video, his speech is slurring and he is happily talking about YSRCP's chances of winning under the influence of alcohol.

Similarly, another party leader was also found entering into an argument with the passersby, after getting intoxicated. He even followed the passerby by running behind his bike and tried to prove that YSRCP will come to power. While it is understandable that YSRCP leaders are trying to ward off their tension when the poll season is at its peak, these videos are setting bad examples for the party. 

In another incident which has ticked off YSRCP leaders in the wrong way is, a video of YSRCP supporters in Parchur riding on a tractor and drinking beer while holding the fan symbol. This video from where Daggubati Venkateswara Rao is contesting for assembly seat from the YSRCP has caused a major embarrassment to the party. Cashing in on this, TDP and Jana Sena Party has been pointing out about how this is a trailer to Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy's rule in Andhra Pradesh and how the party would ruin the future of the state if it comes to power. 

Let us hope that YSRCP leaders know that they are giving the public a chance to damage their character by setting the wrong examples. Hope they learn before it's too late.  



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