Vijay Turns Emotional At Taxiwala Pre Release Event
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Vijay Deverakonda has got emotional at the pre-release event of Taxiwaala. Inviting all the new talent in the film - who would get a new career with the film - onto the dais, Vijay said all these people's lives, careers are at stake and hence asked the people to watch Taxiwaala on Nov 17 and make it a big success. Vijay appealed to all his Rowdies to make the film a big success. He said he would like to show his big middle finger to everybody who pirated Taxiwaala and asked all his fans to join him in showing the middle finger to the pirates of the film.

Vijay said the leaked version was 3.40 hours without sound, without CGI, DI, post-production. He appreciated the people who had watched the complete film with patience without any of the above qualities. He said they have succeeded there itself. Vijay said that the final version of the film is 2.10 hours and it has come out very well. He said it may not break the records, but he said the film is good and it has substance with neat story.  Vijay said the film would be entertaining.  "Join me in showing the middle finger to all the buggers who pirated Taxiwaala," said Vijay.

Talking about chief guest Allu Arjun, Vijay said he could never dance like him. He said the technicians have to do CG to show him dance like Bunny. Vijay thanked Bunny for gracing the do. Recalling his first meet with Allu Arjun after Pelli Choopulu, he said Bunny had said he liked the film and said he couldn't do such films though he likes such scripts. Vijay further said that Allu Arjun later called him to meet at Geetha Arts after Arjun Reddy. He said Allu Arjun had sent all his persons outside the room and spoke to him for over 20 minutes personally. He said Bunny had watched Geetha Govindam before the film's release and said he liked it. He said he even attended the pre-release function of Geetha Govindam. Vijay thanked Allu Arjun for his affection and love on him.






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