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Until now, it was media which was interviewing Vijay Deverakonda as part of promotions during his every release. But this time, he has interviewed someone, for the very first time. Vijay caught up Sadhguru caught up for a chat when he was in the city and they really had some awesome conversation which all of us would to give a read.

Vijay's spontaneity and Sadhguru's sharp wisdom were one of the rarest combinations which worked together.

Vijay: Welcome to Hyderabad must have come several times before this, I am not sure though.

Sadhguru: I came here many times even much before you were born (laughs)

Vijay: How is this possible? I am surprised by how you have an answer to everything and most of them make sense.

Sadhguru: What do you mean most of it?! (laughs)

Vijay: Whatever I am is what various things of my life made me. What happened to you in your life that you became the person you are today? What made you sit there and me here?

Sadhguru: Because you have questions (laughs). I had a million more questions and realized that no one around me had a clue about anything. So I decided to answer and invested my life into questions.

Vijay: They say all you need is love. But will the love be with us even when we don't have money? What is better, love or money?

Sadhguru: Money is to facilitate external comforts, love is a means to create internal pleasantness. You cannot use a bathroom spray to fix global warming. Love is what happens within you; it is the sweetness of your heart. It happened within you because something stimulated in you. You are not a machine for someone to start something and stop. If you put your heart into something, it becomes wonderful.

While what we have written for you is just an excerpt from their deep conversion, there is a lot more which made their chat a best one.





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