Vanama Raghava Rao Case: Full Details On Palawancha Ramakrishna’s Family Traumatic Mass Suicide.
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With a Major Public Outrage,  the Telangana State Police have arrested Vanama Raghavendra Rao, the son of Kothagudem MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao and the accused in Ramakrishna's family's traumatic mass suicide in Palwancha. The incident sent shockwaves through out the state of Telangana. Vanama Raghava was arrested as he attempted to flee Telangana. On Friday night, he was arrested while trying to pass near Chintalapudi via Dammapeta in the Bhadradri Kothagudem district. 

"Raghava insisted that I submit my wife to him," Ramakrishna, the man who killed himself along with his family members, said in a selfie video before his suicide. He indicated that he was heartbroken and that he believed death was his only alternative. The TRS awoke from its slumber on Friday and expelled Vanama Raghava Rao from the party after an outcry over the issue.

However, the arrest of Vanama Raghava kept people guessing all day Friday. He was reportedly arrested on Thursday afternoon, according to sources. Raghava, however, has not yet been arrested, according to the police. This sparked accusations that the TRS government was in good accordance with Raghava and was attempting to save him. 

Finally, he was arrested by police while attempting to flee into Andhra Pradesh.

Raghava is accused in 12 cases, according to ASP Rohith Raj, and has confessed that he harassed Ramakrishna, who committed suicide along with his family. Raghava has been identified as the second culprit in Palwancha Ramakrishna's family suicide case.

On Saturday, Vanama Raghavendra Rao, also known as Raghava, was brought before the Kothagudem magistrate. Raghava was placed on 14-day judicial remand after the court heard the arguments. 

As per latest reports, Vanama Raghava Rao was now transferred to Bhadrachalam Sub-jail by the TS Police.

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