[email protected], A Journey Towards Golden Telangana, Kept Celebrations On Low Key
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Today is the 20th anniversary of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). The party was formed on April 27, 2001 under the leadership of KCR. He announced it on the banks of Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad. Most of the participants of that movement were intellectuals and graduates. TRS party has emerged with the sole agenda for the achievement of the Telangana state in the parliamentary system. KCR, who was the head of the movement at that time, led the youth and the elders of the state all under one roof.

However, this year's festivities, which are planned to be held in a grand manner, will now be held in a modest manner with the surge in Covid-19 positive cases. KTR, the party's executive president and State Minister, urged the people's representatives, main leaders and activists to hoist pink flags in compliance with the corona rules everywhere in the state, including Hyderabad. Achieving the state of Telangana under the leadership of KCR is taking Telangana forward on the path of development. He also added that due to the Coronavirus, the party is unable to celebrate its anniversary this year.

As both KCR and KTR got infected with this deadly virus, they are getting treated in-home quarantine method. Thus, they will be away from the party celebrations.

TRS has been celebrating party anniversaries since the inception of the party. They used to held plenary, holding huge open houses. They were not held in 2019 due to the parliamentary elections. In 2020, the House cancelled the Plenary due to Corona.

Earlier this year, the party decided to hold a large-scale plenary in April to mark its 20th anniversary, with some intensification. It is planned to meet ten lakh people on the outskirts of Warangal or Hyderabad. However, the number of cases has increased tremendously with the onset of the second phase of the corona. In this context, the party suggested that the Plenary and the House should be cancelled and the celebrations should be held in a modest manner.

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