Trouble Mounts AP BJP Chief Somu Veerraju, Long-kept Family Secret Revealed.
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Somu Veerraju, the Chief of AP BJP, is in more trouble now. Following the unsavoury cheap liquor incident, his'son-in-law' is now embroiled in a case of cheating and fraud. Somu has revealed a family secret that he had kept hidden for several years in order to get out of this circumstance. 

He says he doesn't recognise his son-in-law because his daughter ran away from home and married without his permission. "I have three daughters, but only two sons-in-law," he explained. One of my daughters was not married off. So it's not my son-in-law who is involved in cheating and forging." Somu Veerraju's eldest daughter eloped and got married.

Somu Veerraju has also stated that he has no ties to the individual and has asked that his name not be brought up in the matter. He also demanded that the offender be prosecuted according to the law's terms. Venkata Narasimham, who married Somu's eldest daughter Surya Kumari, has been charged under Indian Penal Code sections 406, 409, 420, and 465.

Surya Kumari, Somu Veerraju's daughter, has replied to the situation. Her father, she claims, has no connection to the loan secured by her husband, Venkata Narasimham. She also stated that she has no ties to her father and that he has never met her since the marriage. She claimed that some persons set out to discredit Somu Veerraju and had filed charges against him.

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