To Stop The FAN, We Have The POWER-Power Star Comments
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He is called 'Power Star' of Telugu cinema and today he spoke about the 'power' he has in politics. Say it cinematic or topline punches during election campaigns, Pawan Kalyan is surely making his crowds go cheering for him with his one lines at the public meetings.

Touring Nellore as part of the election campaign, today the Janasena supremo made some interesting comments on YSR Congress. At one point he said, "To stop the FAN, we have the POWER that would unplug their candidates. YSRC MLA candidates are not merely candidates but they are a betting mafia. Go and play cards at clubs, why do you need politics" said Pawan Kalyan. 

Every single line of Pawan has pushed his cadres into quite a joy and they shouted, whistled and clapped for his histrionics all the time. Another interesting comment Pawan made is that "All these YSRC candidates have earlier claimed that they are my fans. I told them to leave the betting business to claim as my fans"

Seems like Pawan is going quite harder on Jagan, giving not even a gap for YSR Congress folks to respond. We have to see what they will say about Janasena supremo's words. 



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