Tirupati: SVBC Channel To Instigate Positivity In Covid19 Patients
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SVBC (Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel) is all set to handle the Covid positive patients, who are asymptomatic and having mild symptoms to be admitted in TTD's facilities like Padmavati Nilayam, Srinavasam and Vishnu Nivsam and they can watch SVBC channel in their isolation rooms. The Covid coordination committee led by TUDA Chairman Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has decided to provide one TV in each room in these centres and telecast the programme to send positive vibrations among the patients.

Speaking to media in Tirupati, Chevireddy said that a library would be set up in all Covid hospitals in the city in which seven types of books like Bhagavadgeetha, Swami Vivekananda history, Tirumala history and other books would be made available there and the patients can take and read. Each Covid hospital would be equipped with one reception centre through which the wellbeing of each and every patient will be informed to their family members.

Pamphlets with the precautions to be taken to be protected from getting infected by the virus will be distributed extensively. In order to protect the medical personnel, doctors, police and other staff working in Covid related duties, a dedicated hospital will be arranged for those infected from these groups by Chevireddy. To get rid of the pressures from affluent patients for more services in government hospitals, private hospitals were asked to start Covid services. Each one of the 16 coordination committees will have three in-charges so that the activities will not get affected even when one person becomes sick. Chevireddy said there was a need to make test results available without delay. For this, there was a need for data entry operators at the labs. To overcome this problem, he said digital assistants will be allotted to duties at the labs. SVIMS officials have asked for lab technicians who will be provided through the medical committee. He added that steps will be taken to ensure that one nurse and one sanitary worker will be in duty for every 15 patients and one doctor for each floor. All the required medicines will be procured to meet the requirements of two months. Joint Collector (Development) V Veerabrahmam, TUDA vice-chairman S Hari Krishna, Secretary S Lakshmi and others participated in the meeting.

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