This Decision Might Change Jagan Mohan Reddy's FATE , Forever ?
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YSRCP Party and the Party chief Jagan Mohan Reddy has come into power after going through a lot of struggle. The 10 years of his struggle and hardship by being in opposition was also a challenging task to him. But on the other path Y.S Jagan and his party raised very quickly because Jagan was always with people, meeting them and knowing their problems.

Jagan's padayatra all over the state has really helped him a lot to get closer to the public.Thus, in the countdown of 10 Years Y.S Jagan became the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. 

Actually, things started turning around for Jagan after becoming the Chief Minister. The G.O of english education, pandemic movement of coronavirus then immediately LG polymers gas leakage in Vizag have made Y.S Jagan restless. 

Even Jagan's recent decision of opening wine shops all over the state by increasing the prices is leading to many controversies. Also, the other decision Jagan has taken just recently will definitely cause him many problems in the future.

Jagan's government has taken a decision that electricity bills of March and April month will be added together and those bills must get paid in a short period of time by everyone in the state. By adding both the bills together it will become a difficult task for the middle class and below middle class sectors in the society in repaying the bills. Some are even critically saying that the electric City bill will go above the house rents and actually it's true. 

This decision of  Y.S Jagan's government will create many misconceptions all over the state as well. 

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