The Backstabbing Politics In TRS Is Worrying The Party And The Pink Boss
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The backstabbing politics in TRS is worrying the party and the pink boss is heard to have taken a serious stand on this. After the assembly elections, KCR analysed the results and came to a conclusion that three leaders among them two are MPs, have done severe damage to the party. They are Khammam MP Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy, Mahbubnagar MP Jitender Reddy and former Peddapalli MP Vivek.

Among three, Ponguleti did give TRS a lot of trouble by encouraging other party leaders in the last elections. There are also rumours that he had sponsored MahaKutami and campaigned negatively against TRS candidates. KCR has openly confessed that the party did not perform well in Khammam and blamed local leaders. The TRS chief who has been doing background work for the LS polls for the last couple days, decided that Ponguleti will not be given ticket this time and instead, he is considering a leader from same the community. In fact, KCR has also zeroed up on a leader and the unknown face has begun his work as well.

Coming to Mahbubnagar, Jitender Reddy is a very close associate of KCR and he was made TRS party Lok Sabha leader as well. But in the assembly elections, Jitender is rumoured to have worked against three candidates and they complained to KCR. After getting to know about the facts, KCR is in thoughts to snub Jitender or not. Because this have a negative impact and TRS might lose 'Reddy' votes in the elections. So KCR is likely to offer Jitender a key post or may be Rajya Sabha.

Vivek is currently the advisor to the government. Right from the beginning he had differences with Balka Suman. But KCR tried to make peace between them by allotting Chennuru assembly seat to Suman. However during the elections, Vivek did not campaign for Suman and others in the joint Karimangar district. Minister Koppula Eshwar had informed KCR about this and even Suman criticised Vivek. Though KCR wants to ignore Vivek, there are no takers for the party from Peddapalli which is a SC reserved seat. A new face will come into picture or will KCR pardon Vivek?

With the election notification to be out on March 18th, KCR might well in advance declared the candidates' names. How will get ticket and shock, all in KCR's hands.



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