Tharun Bhascker Files Complaint Against Trolls After Insta Post On Kappela Goes Viral
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Telugu director Tharun Bhascker, in an Instagram post, shared his opinion on Malayalam film Kappela and pointed out the cliched tropes in Tollywood movies.

Telugu director Tharun Bhascker, who has helmed Pelli Choopulu and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, fell prey to heavy trolling after sharing an Instagram story about the Malayalam film Kappela. He pointed out the tropes followed in Telugu cinema, which did not go down well with the Tollywood movie buffs.

According to the filmmaker, several people abused him and his team on social media. This has forced the filmmaker to file a complaint with Cyber Crime Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) S.Harinath in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. In his complaint , Tharun stated that his comment was blown out of proportion.

He had spoken to two of the abusers over the phone in front of the police. Sharing his complaint, Tharun wrote, "We also warned them that any abusive language, personal remarks here forth shall be taken seriously and we will make an official complaint to which they responded positively initially but chose to modify the conversation to look like a threat."

A few days ago, Tharun watched Malayalam film Kappela and recommended the film to his followers. He shared the poster of the film and wrote, "There is no hero screaming loudly or having multiple slo-mo gravity-defying introduction scenes or action blocks with a background score. There are no long speeches on farmers, soldiers or India in the last 10 minutes. Still, these are also called movies."



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