Telangana To Close 17 Jails Due To Insufficient Prisoners
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The Telangana Prisons Department Director General VK Singh stated that 17 jails out of 49 in the state will soon be closed due to insufficient prisoners.  The news comes as a positive thing as we are heading towards promoting rehabilitation and successful re-entry into the community. Also, changes are being made to reduce life sentences to nonviolent criminals.

VK Singh further said that the closed jails will be used as homes for beggars, orphans, and destitute. The Prisons Department is also planning for a separate housing board which will have 2BHK apartments. It is said that reformation and rehabilitation programmes have been highly beneficial for the reduction of prisoners population.

The Director-General added that a bunch of prisoners has been sent to the governor and are being provided with job opportunities post their releases. Also, 20 new petrol pumps would soon be opened, including one exclusively to operate under transgender people.



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