Telangana Revenue Staff Vs KCR
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In the Lok Sabha elections campaign, Telangana CM KCR has announced that he is going to bring a major change in the revenue department by completely scrapping it off. By August KCR is planning to implement this major change. The revenue department employees who got to know about this, stayed silent for a while but it is not the same scenario now.

Every day among the revenue employees, this has become a hot topic and they are also in sort of panic. On Tuesday revenue employee association has called for an emergency state executive meeting and discussed about KCR's statements. In this meeting, the employees have criticised KCR and expressed their displeasure that it is not fair on CM's part to target revenue department. The employees claimed that there is corruption in every department and it is unfortunate that revenue department is being the prime target. Then employees demanded for an unconditional apology from CM KCR.

However, the employees said they would welcome any initiative that government wants to take to clean up the corruption charges in the revenue department. "We have worked day & night, to help the government and if the governments wants to do more, we are ready," added the employees. 



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