Telangana: Dharani Portal Received Huge Response Yesterday By Going Live, Registrations Completed With A Finger Snap
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Hyderabad: Yesterday, on Monday, the first phase of Dharani, the unique one-stop platform for all matters relating to land transactions, went live across the state when the registration and mutation of agricultural properties was taken up and literally completed with a finger snap. Delighted state-wide farmland owners and buyers, who had booked slots for the first day of service, heaped praise on TS CM KCR for introducing the path-breaking initiative that abolished bureaucratic processes and, more significantly, eliminated corruption. Ethkuri Renuka, a native of Jenda Venkatapur village in Mancherial district, who registered two acres of land she had acquired from a relative in a matter of 30 minutes, best brought out the entire essence of Dharani 's performance. "The entire registration process has been completely smooth and incredibly quick. More significantly, I did not need to bribe any official, a normal practise, in the past. In completing the transaction, the officials were polite and very helpful," a clearly pleased Renuka said after completing her transaction.

"Despite facing many concerns, one has to hail the Chief Minister for launching such a wonderful portal," she said, as she made her way out of the office. Officials were also pleased because they had been relieved of tedious paperwork by the online operation. Several Tahsildars have also said that they are lucky to be part of a historic initiative. On October 29, KCR inaugurated the trend-setting innovative platform, which is bound to create a common demand for replication across the world. It is estimated that the second step, which will see the registration and mutation of non-agricultural lands in the State, will become operational in about two weeks. The State Government suspended the registration of agricultural properties in the run-up to the launch of the portal, which resumed after a two month break.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar said on day one that 946 people paid the registration fee and another 888 farmers booked slots on the Dharani portal to register their properties at a later date, launching the Dharani services at the Shamshabad Tahsildar office in Ranga Reddy district. "The registration process went very well, barring some minor technical glitches here and there," he said, adding that registrations will be carried out in a full-fledged manner within two or three days. The Chief Secretary clarified that by paying Rs 200 at Mee Seva centres, farm property owners could book a slot on the portal or could even book slots with the help of smartphones. He said the registration of lands, gift deeds, family partitions and inherited properties began on Monday and the TS CM would announce NALA, old registrations, old mutations and non-agricultural registrations. "When certain people have issues with their fingerprints, iris scanning would be allowed as an alternative," he said.

"Details are uploaded to the Dharani portal for 1.48 crore acres of land belonging to 59.46 lakh farmers. This is a one-of-a-kind exercise in the whole world where registration and mutation will be done transparently and in real-time in one location on the same day," he said.

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