Telangana CM Is The Real Hero
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Coronavirus is giving surprises each day with new positive cases, rapid spread forcing the officials to make decisions that were never expected to be taken. India is handling the situation better than many countries and is implementing the best decisions to put the virus spread at bay.

The CM of Telangana KCR is undoubtedly one of the best leaders we have. Given the present fatal situation of Coronavirus, KCR is handling the crisis in the right way. This kind of outbreak has never overtaken the world like this with fear and there is no proper reference on how this should be handled, the CM KCR is opting for some bold decisions that could control the panic and support the public to fight the fatal virus.

Be it his frankness in press meets or proper guidance to the respective departments, KCR is winning accolades with his crisis management techniques, that too when there are international visitors who wish to hang out to all the events they planned dodging the 14-day quarantine, natives who ignore the importance of self-distancing and also when there are crazy positive-tested. patients running away from isolation wards.

KCR is making it sure to appear in a regular press meet to address the people of Telangana and to boost them the morale to keep up the situation more panic-free. His tab on hourly statistics and regular monitoring are keeping the general public more cautious, while there are leaders who were busy in rubbishing the severity of deadly viruses and there are also leaders who get into blame games like a regular politician in normal time.

KCR's very popular oratory skills proved to motivate people during many instances earlier, and now his words and versatility are preparing the public very well to handle the worse days if they are coming. 



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