Team Is Trying Very Hard To Convince Powerstar
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Rather saying anything straight on their face, Pawan Kalyan has shocked many of the directors and producers that are waiting for him by giving clarity to his fans in a meeting that he's not thinking about films for the next 25 years. And then, there is this team that appeared before the Janasena president.

Reports are coming that some biggies who have supported Janasena including producer Ram Talluri and others, they are now said to be in the process of convincing Pawan Kalyan to come back to films. Though they took his appointments for a couple of days in a row to enlighten him about the need to appear in films again, the actor is yet to give up on his previous decisions. 

While Ram Talluri got a couple of stories ready for Pawan, we hear that even Trivikram is ready to direct him again, while Mythri Movie Makers already got some stories and directors in the pipeline. The 'team' is said to be asking PK to do some cameos at least, such that his image will stay upright and bright until 2024 elections. 

With no own media house and newspaper in hand, surely Pawan has to think about coming to films, isn't it? Let's see what happens. 



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