TDP Confidence On Victory Because Of Welfare Schemes
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Chandrababu Naidu claiming to win 130 seats-plus might be seen as "over confidence", but what is the base for this confidence. Even TDP's senior leaders are confident of a comfortable victory and this is causing stress to Jagan.

A senior TDP leader divulged the stats that TDP is banking on welfare schemes and counting on the beneficiaries of the state government schemes. The TDP is relying purely on Math. There are 3.93 crore voters in Andhra Pradesh, 3,93,12,192 to be precise. Of them 97 lakh voters belong to Dwcra groups, another 50 lakh voters are pensioners and another 50 lakh voters are farmers and 10 lakh are new voters and another 30 lakh are youth voters and the rest are private and government employees, others. TDP strongly believes that at least 85 percent of Dwcra women vote for cycle. It also counts that the majority of pensioners and farmers who got benefits would vote for them.

While the total poll percentage is declared at 76.69, TDP is hopeful that the majority of the government beneficiaries vote for cycle. Whereas, YCP is differing with TDP and it is confident that people voted in large numbers for "change". May 23 will clear all the doubts.



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