TCS Among Top 10 Firms To Get Foreign Labour Certification For H1B Visas
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As per the US Department of Labour, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the only Indian Firm among Top 10 Companies to obtain Foreign Labour Certification for H-1B Visas for the fiscal year 2018.

London-based Ernst & Young emerged as Top Employer to earn the Foreign Labour Certification for H-1B Visas. This multi-national company leads with 151,164 H-1B specialist occupation labour certifications accounted for the 12.4 per cent of all foreign labour certification for H-1B visas for the fiscal year 2018 ending on September 30. 

While Deloitte Consulting stood at second position with 69,869 H-1B Specialty Occupation Labour Certifications, Indian-American owned Cognizant Technology Corp arrives at third spot with 47,732 Speciality Occupations. HCL America (42,820), K Force Inc (32,996), Apple (26,833), TCS (20,755), Qualcomm Technologies (20,723), Mphasis Corporation (16,671) and Capgemini America (13,517) feature in the Top 10 list.

The Department of Labour's Office of Foreign Labour Certification processed 654,360 applications for the H-1B specialty occupations labour conditions programme in the fiscal year 2018. Out of which 599,782 were certified, 8,627 were denied and 45,951 were withdrawn.

About 1,223,053 out of 1,266,614 requests received for positions were certified. Among those certified, Software Developers and Applications accounted for close to 1/4th (285,963 positions). Rest include Computer Systems Analyst (176,025), Computer Occupations (120,736), Software developers, system software (67,262), Accountants and Auditors (54,2410 and Computer Programmers (53,727).   

California with 309,205 certifications topped the list of States for getting maximum H-1B labour certification. Texas (115,484), New York (95,722), New Jersey (65,232), Illinois (56,196), Washington (52,522) and Pennsylvania (51,471) rest of the Top 7 Spots.





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