Talk With Sense-Pawan Counter To Ambati
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Yesterday YSRCP Sathenapalle MLA Ambati Rambabu called Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan as TDP chief Chandrababu's adopted child. This comment did not go well with Pawan and he gave a counter.

The Jana Sena chief addressed the media on the issue of construction workers plight. "While I'm talking on issue basis, YSRCP government and its leaders are attacking me personally. Ambati Rambabu's comments came to my notice," said Pawan and replying straight to Ambati, "I have nothing personal against you and I have respect for you. I attended a wedding of your family member, so I request you to talk with sense," said Pawan.

He also said that YSRCP is strong enough with 150 MLA but if the government continues to take such hasty decisions, the elections which are five years far may come early. "Be responsible and address the plight of construction workers. If not the central government will also stop funds to AP government and we will go into deep crisis," stated Pawan.

Surely Ambati needs to cut down his personal attack and talk on issue basis. But not sure whether he will change and it should be seen how he will react to Pawan's comments.



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