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With just two days for the polling, several passengers who will be travelling to Andhra Pradesh from Telangana and Hyderabad have been receiving messages of their bus cancellation from private travel services. Their messages from the bus operators state that thee bus has been cancelled due to "unavoidable reasons."

There were rumours that many government and private bus services to be canceled or cancel booked tickets in the last moment. People should look at alternatives modes of travel as the Telangana government is planning to stop nearly 50 lakh people who will be home-bound tomorrow, to vote in Andhra Pradesh. 

The argument put forward by the government on the issue was that "it cannot send their people (RTC drivers) to distant places as they would not be able to cast their vote on April 11, if they leave their native places." Those who have received messages have taken to social media to spread awareness to people on choosing car pooling or car apps to travel to their native instead of panicking. Political observers say 50 lakh is a significant population that could change the fate of a party's chances in the election. 

Many voters who are heading home are spreading messages on Twitter about ticket cancellations and are reaching out to others who need help in reaching their destination in Andhra Pradesh. Many netizens are also cautioning people to travel today, so that they can avoid last moment rush and panic. Looks like all efforts are being made to ensure that voting percentage goes down in AP elections.



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