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Drink As Much As You Can, Hyd Pubs New Year Offer The New Year fever has gripped the twin cities. Many pubs and event management companies are hosting unprecedented New Year events and are alluring the crowd to make money. National and international ... December 31, 2019 0 214 Category: General news
Disha Rapists Killed Nine Women Earlier The four accusers of lady doctor Disha rape and murder are heard to be involved in more crimes. A day before the encounter, the police have questioned the four and recorded their statements. From the ... December 19, 2019 0 305 Category: General news
Dishas Autospy Reports Confirm Alcohol Intake The brutality in Hyderabad Vet doctor Disha's rape and murder case is something we cannot digest ever. One by one, the intricate details of that horrific night, Nov 27, are being exposed, and it w... December 15, 2019 0 292 Category: General news
Disha Effect- 2 Lakh 50 Thousand Hawk-Eye App Downloads The rape and murder of Disha has sent shivers to the working woman professionals in the twin cities. The police have stepped into action and are doing rigorous awareness campaigns since the last few d... December 04, 2019 0 327 Category: General news
JusticeforDisha-Hyd Rape Victims Name Changed The 26-year-old veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy's brutal rape and murder case is currently raging every Indian and protests are going on across the nation. The outrage and pain among them can be ... December 02, 2019 0 312 Category: General news
They Forced Priyanka To Drink Alcohol While Raping Her The constant updates on the brutalities in Dr Priyanka Reddy's case is leaving ou teary-eyed and heart-wrenched. The reports say that Priyanka begged and pleaded rapists as they without listening ... December 01, 2019 0 298 Category: General news
Hyd Infosys Techie Found Dead In The US The 26-year-old Kasi Vishwanath from hyderabad has been found dead in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was found dead lying at his residence in the US and the cause of death is yet to be investigated. Ac... April 08, 2019 0 704 Category: General news
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