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BMW Trolls Mercedes Benz On Twitter Again!!! Pleasant banter is hardly fresh between the luxury car makers. BMW, Mercedes and Audi often went from hoardings to social media sites with smart quips and jabs at each other in what sometimes tickles ... September 05, 2020 0 1506 Category: Business
Pawan Kalyan Treated As A King With Bmw And 20 Bouncers at airport As the special chartered flight from Vizag landed the ground at Vijayawada airport, a navy blue BMW 7-series sedan arrived the place. And as the car stopped, the chauffeur is quick to open the door an... June 22, 2018 0 911 Category: Political News
Brand New BMW Used For Burial Of A Nigerian A man has buried his father's body in a brand new BMW instead of a coffin. As per various media reports, a Nigerian man showered his love for his father's body by burying it inside a new BMW. ... June 13, 2018 0 1810 Category: Articles
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