Surgical Strikes And BC PM Are The Modis Cheap Politics
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It seems to be that politicians in the BJP have and a few others from political parties are least bothered about the Model Code of Conduct which prohibits them from showcasing government's work as their party's. However, political leaders don't seem to think so. The BJP, ever since it took over in 2014, has been considering it as Narendra Modi's government and not the Indian Government. At least, the saffron party leaders go drum rolling across the country claiming India is Narendra Modi and Modi is India.

In a similar fashion, recently Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, during his election campaign speeches has called the Indian Army "Modiji ki Sena," without a care about the Model Code of Conduct. However, the Election Commission has warned Yogi and let him off while it has taken action on non-BJP leaders in other states for violating the model code. Now, the Prime Minister too has joined his bandwagon as he has sought all first time voters to vote for BJP because of the "Balakot terror strikes taken up by the Indian Airforce." 

During his election speech in Gujarat, he also said that the BJP government is a Mard sarkar (Masculine government) which hits the enemies without fear, highlighting the surgical strikes and Balakot strikes post Pulawama terror attack. "Pakistan did not know what Modi is like. It suspected that India could attack from the land or the sea route. But we did it from the air. And, for the first time, the world saw Pakistan weeping," he said, again using the Airforce's work and claiming it as his achievement. 

Additionally, he also went ahead and played the BC card to hit back at the Congress. "They're making fun of me because I belong to the Backward Caste and come from a humble background," he said, while his comments did not go down well in the political circles as a person in a PM's post is not expected to use his community and play victim card. He also openly claimed Gujarat will not prosper if he doesn't become the PM again. 

Surprisingly, he also announced financial assistance for Gujarat which did not incur huge losses due to recent rain and dust storm which damaged Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in large-scale. Apparently, sources in the PMO too were shocked at Modi's open love for Gujarat while he has been neglecting other states, being a PM. Despite all of these statements bringing down the dignity of Prime Minister's Post and some violating the Model Code, looks like the Election Commission is just trying to overlook the PM's mistakes and be nice to the BJP.  



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