Strange Love Stories Between Old Man And Young Girl
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Love is blind they say but it is ageless as well prove two love stories. A 40 year-old school teacher eloped with 15 year student while a 65 year old retired professor married his 20 year old student.
Going in detail, a private school teacher from Alapala Kerala, fell in love with her 10th class student. The divorced teacher moved on quite closely with the student and she went on to gift him an expensive phone as well. As the relation between them blossomed, on 23rd of this month, both eloped. Parents of the student filed a complaint and upon investigation, the cop gathered information that these love birds is in Thiruvananthapuram. But the couple is on the run ever since cops traced the moments and are still hiding.
In another strange love story, a 65 year-old retired professor married his 20 year-old student. From Punjab, they reached Tamil Nadu and in police questioning they have revealed that it is not a lust based love in fact it's a pure bliss, they claimed. Though the police tried to counsel both the retired professor and student, this bizarre couple is in no mood to listen. However, the Rameshwaram court has ordered the girl to hand over her to the parents and the police had to follow the court's directions.



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