Steam Inhalation Added To List Of Cleanliness Regimen In Corona Pandemic Times
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Visakhapatnam: As the wait for days without corona continues to get longer and the fear of growing Covid-19 cases intensifies, many are trying to share best practises to keep the infection at bay. Other than sanitising the hands at regular intervals, steam inhalation is another cleanliness regimen added to the list.

Because the value of steam inhalation is being widely shared on social media, demand for the vaporiser has increased in the recent past. Some of the doctors who have taken to social media suggest steam inhalation at least three times a day and even any time a person arrives from work or some outside trip to their home. Although some add turmeric to the water before inhaling the vaporiser, some include a few drops of eucalyptus oil or steam packets that are available to the vaporiser in medical stores.

Lately, people show a growing interest in preferring natural remedies to stay away from the infection. Previously, vaporizers used to be sold in showrooms of medical stores and appliances. But, given the the demand for the commodity, this has become an income stream for the small-time vendors. Recently, K Durga Rao started selling vaporisers on the national highway on the footpath. "I used to market masks and sanitisers at first, and now the three-in-one vaporiser is added to the catalogue. For its affordability people choose to buy this commodity from a roadside vendor, "he explains.

 Depending on the brand, the three-in-one steam vaporiser used in e-commerce platforms for nose, throat and nozzle ranges from Rs 160 to Rs 700. However, the price of the machine sold along the footpath varies from Rs 300 to Rs 500 in different parts of town.

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