Star Tollywood Actors Scared To Take A Step Forward
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How many times we have seen Telugu's big star producing movies with other heroes? Except for Nani who has produced one film (Awe) and Rana Daggubati who has agreed to release a film that was already shot by some team (C/o Kancharapalem), never our stars have done anything for the small films.

There are always reports coming up that Mahesh Babu is going to produce some small films very soon with leading actors. Then Allu Arjun joined this gang after he opened a posh office in Jubilee Hills. Also, we have Ram Charan saying that he will be producing films with other heroes on Konidela Productions banner. Then Pawan Kalyan also announced that he would like to produce films on PK Creative Works banner. But where are those films? 

We hear that our stars are always so busy that they never sit and listen to scripts from young directors who are coming up with awesome new ideas. And then they don't have guts to go ahead with some stories. Few star directors are said to have liked the stories immensely that they themselves want to act in those movies. In that case, when will these people come up with small films? 

In Bollywood, we have the likes of Salman Khan, Shahrukh and others producing small movies with happening actors of the industry. Hope Tollywood is learning from them.



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