Speculations On Director Maruthi Over His Scripts
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Director Maruthi Dasari debuted with a different film and continued to make an impression on audience with his films.

He started giving stories to new directors and produced films under his banner as well. Some became hits and some became flops.

Now, the director gave story to Brand Babu film and it stars a new hero, Shailendra. It is directed by Prabhakar.

The story revolves around a rich person who prefers brands and brands only, falling for a maid. Eesha Rebba is playing the maid. 

Many of the Industry insiders who watched the movie are saying that they liked it but it needed a recognisable hero than a new one.

They opined that the story is too heavy for a new actor and the film couldn't really come out as expected because of the wrong casting. 

Well, we have to wait and see, if that is the case. Maruthi is known for giving away some good stories and his banner to bad films, out of courtesy and for some other benefits. Is he doing the same here? 




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